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New Pathways for Fathers and Families Class Schedule

KRFDC's Financial & Relationship Peace: Foundational Skills class is for all married couples, engaged couples, and single men and women who want to learn more about money, budgeting, and relationship skills.

Financial & Relationship Peace: Foundational Skills, including all training materials, is provided at no cost to participants. Classes are taught by qualified instructors in a one-on-one setting and/or in a group setting. Classes include videos, workbooks and group discussions. There are two main components to this class: Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace and PREP’s Within Our Reach Relationship Strategies. Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace will cover savings, relating with money, budgeting, collections, consumer awareness, and dangers of debt. Within Our Reach will cover keys to good communication, commitment, dealing with stress, the importance of fun, and handling money together.

This 6-week, life-changing program will empower and teach married couples and singles how to make the right money decisions and how to achieve financial goals. This program does not encourage a get rich quick scenario. It teaches responsible spending, giving and saving. It is for everyone trying to improve their financial and relationship situations.

Class Schedule

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