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Classy Closet Consignment Sale - About Consigning

womanAs a seller in the Classy Closet Consignment Sale, you will receive 70% of the selling price and the two Senior Citizen Centers in Madison County and Liberty Place Recovery Center for Women will receive 30%. The money raised in the sale is used to help cover operational expenses for the three programs.

Please remember that all unsold items that you donate will be tax-deductible for the amount listed on the inventory sheet. Your donated items are taken to various charities throughout the area.





Please have between 50 and 150 items to sell.

We will NOT accept the following items:

  • Underwear, lingerie, or bathing suits
  • Classy Closet reserves the right to reject any item that is deemed non-appealing or in poor condition in regards to size, style, and appropriateness
  • Maximum of 10 pairs of clean shoes
  • All items must be SMOKE FREE, freshly laundered, & hung on a WIRE hanger with tags safety pinned to the garment. NO STAINS, TORN, SMOKEY, OR BADLY WORN items will be accepted

We reserve the right to reject any items.

We offer a computer inventory program in excel format to assist you in preparing your items for the consignment sale.

To register as a seller please email or call Karen Bailey at 859/624-2046, extension 217. Once registered she will email or mail you seller instructions and an inventory sheet (as seen below). The inventory sheet will create the tags that will be affixed to your clothing items. If you need help, Karen will be more than happy to answer any questions or guide you through the process.

Once you have completed your inventory sheet You will need to:

  • Save as Seller XXX Inventory
    (insert your seller number in place of XXX)
  • Please print a copy to bring with you when you drop off your tagged items
    **Email your completed saved inventory sheet & tags to Karen Bailey

Please list your seller number in the subject line.

Sample Inventory Sheet

Sample 1

Sample Tags

Sample 2