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Wish List

KRFDC is continually in great need of the items listed below.

Personal Care Items
Cleaning Supplies
Household Items
Shampoo Laundry detergent Ironing Boards
Conditioner Dryer sheets Irons
Liquid Bath Soap Toilet cleaner Vacuum cleaners
Bar soap Toilet paper Brooms
Deodorant Paper towels Dustpans
Razors Lysol floor cleaner Mops
Shaving cream Lysol wipes Mop buckets
Toothpaste Dow Scrubbing Bubbles Hairdryers
Toothbrushes All purpose cleaner Curling irons
Dental floss Furniture polish Bath towels
Hand soap Disinfecting wipes Washcloths
Hand lotion Clorox Gel Twin sheets stets
Body lotion Windex glass cleaner Full sheet sets
Band aides Dish soap Blankets
Hair combs Toilet brushes Pillows
Hair brushes Light bulbs Vinyl shower liners
Nail clippers Bleach Toothbrush holders
Hair bands   Soap dishes
Kleenex Classroom Supplies Shower caddies
Hand sanitizer Notebook paper Journals
Contact solution Pens/pencils  
  Highlighters Other
Clothing (all sizes) Crayons Stamps
New or gently used Construction paper Backpacks
for men, women, Glue umbrellas
and children: Tape  
casual clothing Index cards  
business clothing 3-ring binders  
pajamas Folders  

For more information contact:
Karen Atkins
309 Spangler Drive
Richmond, KY 40475