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Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan consists of seven goals and strategies – all of which are aimed at helping people and improving lives. Emphasis is placed on objectives that are culturally appropriate and responsive to those residing in our target area. This plan was derived from extensive research, client needs assessment surveys, and key informant interviews. Although this Action Plan outlines KRFDC's intentions, the agency is aware that circumstances and conditions regarding community need and funding availability can quickly change. As a result, this Action Plan is reviewed annually and updated or revised as necessary.

2015-2017 Strategic Plan

Goal 1: Promote Self-Sufficiency
Goal 2: Improve Conditions
Goal 3: Give Low-Income Individuals a Stake in Their Community
Goal 4: Improve Community Partnerships
Goal 5: Increase Capacity
Goal 6: Assist Vulnerable Populations

2017 Community Needs Assessment
Each year, KRFDC conducts a Community Needs Assessment to identify needed services, contributors to poverty, and barriers or issues citizens are currently experiencing. Additionally, KRFDC collects demographic and personal information from its clients that complete a survey to have a better understanding of the population it serves.

2014 Community Assessment
Every three years KRFDC conducts a complete reassessment and analysis of the agency's mission, goals, operations, strategies and methods. This periodic reassessment, along with the yearly community needs survey, serves as the blueprint for the agency's three-year strategic plan. This Community Assessment is an integral part of the Strategic Planning process and serves as a resource and guide for the Strategic Plan encompassing 2015-2017. This assessment is comprised of ten sections that are intended to provide a quick, informative overview of relevant conditions and statistics in the eight counties served by KRFDC. Other sections provide more detailed data of varying types. As a whole this assessment is intended to provide useful information to KRFDC’s stakeholders, clients, employees, the media, the general public and any other interested parties.